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Healthcare Boss Academy Podcast

Sep 29, 2022


Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast, sits down with Rebecca Weiss, Co-Owner and Family Medicine Practitioner of Norterra Family Medicine, Co-Owner of Main Street Medical, Owner/Physician of Paradise Medspa and Wellness, and CEO of Tox & Tonic, LLC. In this episode, Rebecca shares practical wisdom from her years of experience, and how her past mistakes helped shape her success today. Tune in to learn about common traps new business owners should look out for and how to avoid them.



  1. Don't be married to a brand.
  2. Don't fall for the sales pitch.
  3. Don't go into a career just for the money.



  • Her entrepreneurial journey began when she decided to leave a job she didn't enjoy, was bombarded with clients, and wasn't able to give her clients complete care as much as she wanted.
  • Based on experience, Rebecca advises watching out for companies that take advantage of practitioners without much business training.
  • She went bankrupt in 2016 and learned from this ordeal.
  • She is a strong believer in Primary Care Medicine and later became a co-owner of a Direct Primary Care practice.
  • As a proponent of Direct Primary Care, she believes in making medicine affordable, getting rid of 3rd-party insurance, and making patients' generic medications cheaper.
  • Rebecca doesn't buy warranties for her devices. Instead, she pays for any repairs separately, which is more cost-effective in the long run.
  • She draws the line between employer and employee but doesn't abuse her authority. She ensures that everyone feels valued and is part of the family.
  • Different people are motivated by different things. Figure out what motivates your employees to ensure a healthy work environment.
  • Spend money on marketing. Then, once the ball's rolling and your brand is known, you can cut back your costs.
  • You don’t need every device to start your business.
  • Don't be married to a brand and don't fall for the sales pitch. Always maintain rational decision-making above all else.



"Don't be married to a brand and don't fall for the sales pitch.” – Rebecca Weiss

"Don't go into a career just because you want to make money. Do it because you're truly passionate about it." – Rebecca Weiss



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